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Announcements From The Mothership.


That is the first look at the Hulk theme deck. When the Marvel Super Hero Squad Game is released on April 24th, things will get loud.

Today we have two fists full of information from Upper Deck. One breaks down the rarity ratios and the other addresses Organized Play.





Scarlet Witch Shines In Avengers Vs. X-Men #0.


Today is the day. Avengers Vs. X-Men has begun. That is the front cover of AvX #0. Thanks to the insane talents of Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Frank Cho, and Jason Keith, this is the perfect gateway dose for all those people who will be picking it up as their first comic book in a long time, or their first comic book ever. The villains are colorful and engaging. The writing is funny and smart. Avengers Vs. X-Men #0 is the perfect execution of a great idea, mad props to everyone involved.

Here is one of Wanda’s wondrous pages from inside:


Yes, Scarlet Witch is one of the main characters in the Avengers Vs. X-Men saga. This could not be more thrilling for us here at Squad Cards, since she is also a star in the game. Stay tuned for updates from both sides of the myth of Wanda Maximoff, things are gonna get crazy.





Spider-Man Explains.


The Marvel Super Hero Squad game is a sensational blend of strategy and luck. Today Spider-Man will explain the basics of the blocking system.

Each card has a color frame. This card is yellow.

Each card can block only one color. This card can block purple.

If the Spectacular Spider-Man attacks, the opponent may play a yellow blocker from hand to stop the 12 damage. If the opponent does not block from hand, the Sensational Spider-Man knocks cards from the opponent’s deck into the discard pile one at a time until a yellow blocker hits the pile. If a yellow blocker shows up, the damage stops. If no yellow blockers land in the discard pile, the damage stops at 12.

That’s the blocking system, and it makes for a thrilling game that is different every time!

First Look At Physical Cards!


Are You Ready to Ragnarok?

Thor is a beast.  In the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game he straps on a guitar to Ragnarok and Roll.  He needs to be stopped by 2 blue blockers or he will hammer his opponent for 18.  Loud.

If you are itching to learn more about the game that will be released on cardboard by Upper Deck on April 24th, you can dive in right now.  There is a wealth of amazing reports already written from the online version by Gazillion and Amazing Society.  Head on over to the thread on Comic Book Resources created and maintained by the incredible daredeville.

It rocks.

Super Hero Squad Cards Transforming From Virtual To Physical.


On April 24th, you will be able to hold a killer deck of Squad Cards in your greedy little hands. Maybe you will be able to bust a Blind Date for the win, maybe not. Until then you can head over to and practice in virtual reality. In honor of our current state of limbo, we hereby present the first victory screenshot ever posted on

The Strange Cowgirl is our inaugural Screenshot Champion!


Jump on over to and set up an account if you don’t have one already. It’s totally free and a complete blast to play.

Make sure to stay tuned to for daily updates and in-depth articles, this party is getting good!

Big Green Beatdown.

If you make your case in court in the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game, the beats will be mighty big!

Pour It On from the Foundation Base Set.

The first physical version of the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game will arrive in the form of a base set called Foundation, and Pour It On is the first card we are revealing from that set. Nova is ready to blast a big hole in the opponent’s deck by accelerating your power level by 2, and allowing you to play an additional purple or silver card starting on the very first turn.

Strong stuff, right off the bat!

The Unusual Evolution of the Marvel Super Hero Squad.

Near the end of April 2012 the Marvel Super Hero Squad will be entering a new arena of entertainment.  Upper Deck and Gazillion/Amazing Society will be teaming up to release them as a Trading Card Game that will be played on tables all over the world.  Usually things like this start in the comic books.  Not this time.

The Super Hero Squad actually began as a line of toys.  Two-inch action figures, to be exact.  The super-deformed Chibi versions of Marvel’s most beloved myths were born in handheld PVC plastic.  Then they got their own cartoon, followed by an online MMORPG, and now the most glorious incarnation imaginable.

What a long strange trip it’s has been.  Soon we will be flipping the Marvel Super Hero Squad in cardboard.

Making Magic With The Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.

The Marvel Universe is full of powerful magic.  Our favorite modern myths allow us to expand the imagination and explore the potential of immaterial manipulation without the constrictive confines of consensus reality.  Anything is possible in a comic book.

The Eternal Sorcery that exists in the realm of the mind is about to become physical reality on kitchen tables and tournament halls all over the Earth.  Upper Deck has partnered with Gazillion/Amazing Society to produce a cardboard incarnation of the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.  The virtual playhouse of the online game will soon be shuffled into the world of gravity.

The Chance Bolts are aligning for the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.  With its perfectly balanced blocking system, anyone who can command Chaos Magic will be in tune to become a World Champion.  Get ready to sling some spectacular spells with Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange, Upper Deck and Gazillion are making magic.

Blood and Magic: Doctor Strange vs. Blade.

The bloody brilliant Vampire Hunter is back.  In the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game, Blade is all about healing.  His Night Knight card allows you to return 4 cards from your discard pile to your deck.  Life returns, and it’s all good.

Doctor Strange, on the other hand, makes sure the stars are aligned for the win by neutralizing any potential blockers who might thwart your plans for world domination.  This card does not need to meet a damage requirement, it only needs a power of 4 to make sure you hit your target.  Strong magic indeed.

Whether you like to spill blood or bust spells, this game has something for you.  Stay tuned for more spectacular Marvel flavor as we march toward the release of the game in physical form.  Massive fun in many forms is just around the corner.

The Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game is Unbreakable.

On April 24th, there will be a new trading card game in town. Upper Deck has partnered with Gazillion/Amazing Society to produce a cardboard version of the amazing Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game that is already a smasing success online. Yes, we will finally be able to get our hands on actual physical copies of the cards that have already captured our virtual hearts. There is one spectacular thing about this game that is most thrilling, as an aficionado of the Trading Card Game genre.

This game is unbreakable.

A broken game has a small number of top level cards and strategies.  Therefore, most players will play the same decks and styles.  That will never happen in the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game, since the blocking system was designed to perfection.

There will be booster packs, so there will a treasure hunt. This also promises a future tournament scene full of draft formats and fascinating metagames. Like all good Trading Card Games, there will be deckbuilding and deep strategy. These are very exciting times.

In the Marvel Super Hero Trading Card Game, each player brings a deck of 40 cards into battle. Each card counts as one life point. When your opponent cannot play any more cards, you are victorious.

Each card has a level, which is the first number from the top on the left. The level acts as a cost that is payed by a shared power number increased by a flip of a coin at the beginning of each turn. The game starts with both players at 1 power, so cards with a cost of 1 can be played right away. Each time the power flip results in heads, the power increases for both players. In order to play a Group Hug She-Hulk card, the coin needs to have landed on heads at least 6 times.

If the power level in the game has reached 7 or more, you can slap down a Group Hug as your one attack per turn. Your opponent will need a green strength factor blocker card to stop the squeezing, or else they will lose 10 cards into the discard pile. The She-Hulk Group Hug card can block yellow colored speed cards, as seen by the symbol on the bottom left of the card. If the opponent can play a green blocker card from their hand, the damage will stop there. If not, they will be forced to lose cards from their deck into the discard pile until a green blocker is revealed. The She-Hulk Group Hug will force the opponent to lose 10 cards if it is not blocked. That’s a powerful embrace.

The Mystic Fire card of Doctor Strange can only block purple energy factor cards. If the She-Hulk is attacking with her Group Hug, Mystic Fire cannot be played from the hand. If Mystic Fire is discarded as part of the attack damage, it does not stop the squeezing.

Mysterio’s Mists of Confusion, however, can loosen She-Hulk’s grip. This card has a green strength factor blocker symbol. If the Mists of Confusion is played from hand, the damage is stopped at 1. If it is discarded from the deck, the damage stops when it hits the pile.

Mysterio’s World of Illusion card is a keeper. Keepers stay in play for additional turns if they do their required keeper damage when they initially attack. If a keeper is successful in reaching its keeper number, it triggers additional damage or other effects later when certain conditions are met. A keeper misfires and is discarded from play any time it is blocked on its first hit of damage.

Silver Surfer has a Herald of Galactus card that wins the game all by itself. This would seem to allow stall decks to break the game. But wait. All cards with a purple energy factor blocking symbol can stop the surfer before he becomes a keeper. Any random common with the proper purple can foil the grandest of plans in this game.

The Fastball Special is one of the most celebrated moves in the history of Marvel Comics. Its namesake squad card is magnificent. It is not a keeper, but it triggers a massive effect if it does 5 damage when it attacks. Fastball Special actually throws a wild Wolverine into play as a bonus. You can also see that this card has two color factors. The opponent must block with both a green strength factor and a red animal factor to stop it. Good times.

Thor can harness the power of the Rainbow Pony in the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game, but he cannot devise a strategy to break the game. The rules of blocking simply will not allow a deckbuilder to create an unbeatable combination. The mechanics are impeccably balanced, easy to learn, and endless fun for all ages. When a game has certain cards that are so strong that everyone uses them, the game is considered “broken”.  That will never happen with this game, and that is its True Power. It’s a beautiful thing.

The best part about this brilliantly designed new trading card game is simple.  You can start playing online right now!  Jump on over to and set up an account if you don’t have one already.  It’s totally free and a complete blast to play.

Make sure to stay tuned to for daily updates and in-depth articles, this party has just started!

Upper Deck Announces the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game!