Spider-Man Explains.


The Marvel Super Hero Squad game is a sensational blend of strategy and luck. Today Spider-Man will explain the basics of the blocking system.

Each card has a color frame. This card is yellow.

Each card can block only one color. This card can block purple.

If the Spectacular Spider-Man attacks, the opponent may play a yellow blocker from hand to stop the 12 damage. If the opponent does not block from hand, the Sensational Spider-Man knocks cards from the opponent’s deck into the discard pile one at a time until a yellow blocker hits the pile. If a yellow blocker shows up, the damage stops. If no yellow blockers land in the discard pile, the damage stops at 12.

That’s the blocking system, and it makes for a thrilling game that is different every time!


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  1. This is a really cool card game. Took me awhile to figure out what was going on – now that i do – I love it. Great looking artwork on the cards! Look forward to the launch/release of the cards.

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