Marvel Super Hero Squad Foundation Preview: She-Hulk


Today we are proud to launch a series of sneak previews for Upper Deck’s upcoming Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game. It fills us with extreme pleasure to start things off big, bouncy, and green. The sensational She-Hulk is our lead-off hitter and she is packing a powerful punch. Let’s examine her cards closely.

The ability above is simply amazing. Whatever strategy your opponent is running, She-Hulk can take it off the rails. She will expose their hand, and remove all the cards they were planning to beat you with. Case closed, good game. Cross Examination for the win.


You can start smacking your opponent for 8 damage on the first turn with She-Hulk’s Unbelievable Strength, but it will cost you. Unless your opponent has a green block to stop the hit immediately, you will lose one card from your hand as a drawback to the massive early beats. Usually the smaller hand size would be a liability, but Jennifer Walters always has a plan. Besides being the hottest heavy hitter in the Marvel myths, she is a lawyer.


Discarding cards from your own hand may seem self-destructive. She-Hulk doesn’t think so. When she gets her Back to the Wall, she punches even harder. An additional 2 damage from this Keeper with an empty hand makes all those discards pretty sweet.


Collecting cards with killer cool artwork of Marvel characters is big fun on its own, and playing them in a spectacularly balanced strategy game is extra delicious. Like a Double Slam Sandwich. She-Hulk really knows how to throw down the massive advantage in the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card game. This card not only allows you to play a second card per turn, it helps you pay for it. If you like big green beauty as much as we do, you won’t want to miss it. The game releases on April 24th, stay tuned for more.


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