More Foundation Previews, More She-Hulk!


Jennifer Walters is the sensational She-Hulk. She is one of the few modern Marvel myths that actually got her own comic book title in her first appearance. Starting in 1980, gorgeous green Girl Power was incarnated in the collective consciousness of humanity like never before. Now it gets better than ever.

Through the heroic efforts of Upper Deck and The Amazing Society, Marvel’s Super Hero Squad is moving up to the land of deckbuilding delights. Starting April 24th, trading card gamers will be able to bring the big beats with a charming new cardboard crusher. She-Hulk is about to throw down.

As you can see, She-Hulk’s strategy rewards players who empty their hands and fly by the seat of their pants. In this game, the most effective way to thwart opposing plans is to block their attacks directly with the correct color from the hand. This makes her extremely attractive to build a deck with.

Sometimes you’re the She-Hulk. Sometimes you’re the wall. In the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game, either way is bliss. Our most beloved modern myths are coming to life on competitive cardboard, and the first tournaments are right around the corner. Check the list of Sneak Peek tournament locations, study the game and participate in the most comprehensive SHS TCG forums on Earth, and make sure you stay tuned to for frequent updates as we create a big beautiful future together.

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