The Savage She-Hulk Combo of The Tyrannical Mason.

That was the scene last night around midnight on inside the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.   I had the extreme pleasure of being matched against The Tyrannical Mason.  Not only is she an integral founder of the original tournament community, she has built the most insane She-Hulk Combo deck ever seen.  I got destroyed by a big green beautiful barrage of attacks never before witnessed.  It was amazing.

On the turn before her combo went off, Mason had strategically blocked with Double Slam Sandwich.  This assured that it would be the top card of her discard pile.  I can still hear the maniacal laughter as the coin flip raised the power to 5 for her Surprise Witness.  She played She-Hulk’s silver killer and it got two hits through.  Then she played the sandwich.

If I could not block this little green monster, the biggest beats in the game were coming my way.  Since she was on 5 power, Mason would have 8 full points to bludgeon me senselessly.  I didn’t have the block, and she had two options to finish me off.

Since I was running a purple-centric deck, the Strongest One There Is was saved to block with.  I got a Group Hug brought on by a Double Slam Sandwich introduced by a Surprise Witness… all on the same turn!!!  It was a beautiful thing.

Head on over to right now and start trying some combos of your own.   This party is getting really good.


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