Erase Your Destiny And Become A SquadCards Champion!

The Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game changes destinies.  When you drop this card on the table, nothing will ever be the same.  Starting tonight in Seattle.

Card Kingdom is the place.  Physical cards from Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Trading Card Game will be unleashed upon the world for the very first time.  A Champion will be crowned, and we will have coverage.  If you are in the area, or if you plan to play the game with your friends around the kitchen table, we need you.

You can be a reporter.  You can win prizes.  You can change your destiny.

Wherever you play, you can document the stories and results of your tournaments.  Official events and weekly testing sessions are equally important.  We want to hear from your group, no matter how big or how small.  Prizes will include SquadCards Champion tee-shirts, official game cards, memorabilia cards from the upcoming Avengers movie, and more.  Simply send your reports to: so we can share them with the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Community.  Add pics if you can.  Everyone who contributes will be a winner.

We will celebrate our new future… together.

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