Squad Cards Unleashed.


Last night in Seattle, the inaugural packs of Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game were ripped open and their power was unleashed upon the world.  Special loot cards were discovered like diamonds in a mine, and the online game now includes pack-inserted exclusive items that have never been available before.  The thrill of victory was documented, and we have the first-ever SquadCards Champion.  He is the one, the only…

Astral Zephyr!!!


Cardboard Warriors of all ages converged upon the Card Kingdom battlefield, and the treasures were aplenty.  No one had ever opened a pack of these cards before.  Suprises of the highest caliber were in order.


Inside each wrapper is a code that can be redeemed for a free virtual pack at HeroUp.com…


… and some of the loot cards are foil upgrades of fabulous fan favorites!


The Sneak Preview events have begun, and the excitement is infinite.  Eternal thanks to Astral Zephyr for the images from the first Marvel Super Hero Squad event of all time.  This weekend the game will be invading six more cities.  Keep your antenna up and stay tuned to this station.  Squad Cards have been unleashed!

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