Kings Games Crowns New SquadCard Champions!

For a while now, the prizes have been plentiful at for players in the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.  Now things are getting real, in real life.

Those are actual physical cards that were busted out of their containers by Kirby Monster.  Inside each starter deck is a shiny suprise, and the Hulk foil card was captured in motion by the brilliant madman known as daredeville.

Not only do we have those glorious holographic beauties to enhance our favorite game thanks to Upper Deck, we also have a slew of cards that have never appeared online.  We will leave you with three new strategy nuggets that were revealed this weekend at Kings Games in New York.  Congratulations to daredeville and Kirby Monster, our new SquadCard Champions!


Kings Games
1685 East 15 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11229

(718) 336-1955


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  1. “Brilliant madman,” you say…?


    Hehe.. thanks Rian for the shout-outs!

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