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Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game Now Available At Target Stores.

Bullseye could not have hit it better himself.  Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game is now available at Target stores in Single Player Intro Packs and individual Booster Packs.  Every Target in the United States is scheduled to sell the game, so get out there and get yours!


Introducing the SquadCard Showdown Tournament Series.


That is the prize, this is the deal.  Today we are starting a new tournament series called the SquadCard Showdown and you are invited.  Here’s how it works.

Every Wednesday we will announce the new prizes and update the list of SquadCard Showdown participants.

To become a registered player for the series, simply send your squad name from to

Games can be played any time during the week.

You will have until Thursday night at midnight to play as many opponents from the list as you can and report your results in the comment section of this post or via email.

All matches will be played online at

Any legal deck may be used, and decks can be switched for each game if desired.

Each player can only play one match against each other player per week.

Each match is limited to a 7 game series; as soon as one player wins 4 games the match is over.

Incomplete matches will be accepted if circumstances warrant them.

Match wins, total number of wins against registered players, AND win percentage will be used to determine the weekly champion.

Prizes will be delivered via snail mail.

This week’s list of SquadCard Showdown players follows, and it will be updated frequently:

Mars Troll Clock

The Island Lancer

Astral Zephyr

Raiding Axe

Bright Breaking Ghost

Commander Cool Claw

Magma Ninja Merchant

Dazzling Bard Kraken

Invisible Martian Archer

Send your squad name to and get registered now.  Then play as many players as you can until midnight Thursday.  Send your results and see how you stack up.  Most of all, have a blast!

First School Champion, Big News Breaking.

We have just finished an intensive schoolwide tournament in my Art classes, the first of its kind for Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.  Our inaugural champion is…


Since it is an Art class, his prize is rather fitting.  She-Hulk and Hulk, directly transformed into a famous masterpiece.  From Grant Wood’s American Gothic to one of the coolest pieces of cardboard in history.

Jade Giants FTW.

Believe me, these gamers are gonna get good after practicing all summer.  And, in breaking news, later today will see the announcement of the availability of Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad at major retail venues.

Stay tuned to this station!

Surf’s Up for Squad Cards.

The Eternal Cosmos has been captured on cardboard. Silver Surfer’s latest incarnation can be found in Upper Deck’s Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game and it is one of the coolest things in all the Marvel Universe. The Power Cosmic had never looked better.


We Have A Winner! The Loot Card Champion Is Captain Silent Worm With His True Power!

We have a winner, and his name is Captain Silent Worm. His favorite card shows Thor riding a unicorn, calling down the rainbow. True Power was actually chosen by 3 different entries. We had 24 contestants, and these were the results:

With the help of, Captain Silent Worm was chosen.  He was the lucky #13 and his game will now be full of Avengers Courage.


Little Wasp Packs A Big Punch.

Big stings do come in small packages in Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.  Wasp makes sure of it.  Every TCG has a “weenie” strategy that utilizes a swarm of small characters to flood the board and dominate the biggest opponents.  In this game, she is gorgeous.

Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game Singles Available Now, But Going Fast!

That is the first offering of Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game singles.  Dave and Adam’s busted a couple cases and they are selling fast as lightning.  Click over and fill your cart if you can, they may be sold out by the end of the day.  Especially since they pulled one of the Armored Spider-Man loot cards.  Good luck to all, and happy hunting!

One Week Left To Win Super Hero Squad Loot, These Are Some Of The Contestants.

There is one week left in the quest to win that Avengers Courage Loot Card for the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.  It is easy to enter the contest; simply tell us your favorite card.  Send your pick to or post your favorite in the thread on Comic Book Resources.

We will choose a random winner from all the entries on May 21st, but today we want to showcase some of the favorites that we have already received.  One of these could be the winner, get your choice entered today!

Thor Joins Storm and Finds True Power.

If you have seen the Avengers movie, you know how powerful Thor can be.  Charging up the hammer and bringing the big beats is his speciality.  In the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game, he teams up with Storm to join electrical charges with a weather witch.  Their strategy floods the board with pure power, and their aim is true.


Upper Deck Announces Official Organized Play for the Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.

Today we have an announcement that is blowing our minds and heating our brains to Supernova levels…

Upper Deck is bringing Organized Play to the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game. 20 comic book and gaming shops will be chosen to host an official Super Hero Squad Tech Tournament. Each store will be awarding its champions some seriously spectacular prizes: Super Hero Squad Playmats. Armored Spider-Man Loot Cards. And, for the grand champion…

A Playstation Vita.

If you would like to see one of these Super Hero Squad Tech Tournaments in your neck of the woods, contact your local shop and ask them to contact Upper Deck as soon as possible. The news is breaking all over the planet, and we are shooting for the stars.

Armored Spider-Man Discovered Inside Super Hero Squad Intro Pack.

That is the holy grail of this game.  It is the only way to unlock the Armored Spider-Man in the Super Hero Squad Online Game.  Today we have a new discovery.  One of our students pulled a Spider Armor card from an Intro Pack.

Each Intro Pack from Upper Deck contains 30 pre-determined cards and one random booster pack. That booster pack may contained the Armored Spider-Man buried treasure. The screenshot below shows what the Armored Spider-Man looks like playing the Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game online. It’s a beautiful thing.

Captain America Trading Cards are Featured in the Avengers Movie.

When Joss Whedon wrote the script for the Avengers movie, he gave a huge shout-out to our favorite hobby.  Yes, the Avengers movie features a thrilling spotlight on trading cards.  Captain America trading cards, to be exact.

Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game has some great examples of the hotness, and today we feature some of the finest examples.  After you see the Avengers movie, grab some of these and start the battle all over on your own kitchen table.  It’s a brave new world.

Super Hero Sundays at Phoenix Games Just In Time for The Avengers Movie!

This is it.  The first Organized Play tournaments for Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.  Starting this Sunday, May 6th.  Just in time to flip cardboard Avengers!

Phoenix Games
8929 West Colonial Dr.
Ocoee, Florida

(407) 578-4263

The movie is amazing.  It looks like it will smash all the box office records.  Pure Justice indeed.   After you see it, make sure you head over to and get your Squad on.  These Avengers are ready to rumble under your control, smashing villains in a whole new way and taking the Avengers myths in directions they would have never went without you.

See you there!

The Full Line of Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game is Available Now!

If you have ever experienced the thrill of building a championship deck from a box of trading cards, you know how much serious fun is pictured above. Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game is loose on Earth, with a 300 card base set called Foundation. Ripping open packs has never been sweeter, since every rare and super-rare card is foil.

Booster boxes contain 24 packs of 10 cards each, and they are more fun than a barrel of treasure hunting monkeys. Advanced players will have a blast diving for pearls and formulating diabolical concoctions to destroy opponents left and right. You can also get the Upper Deck Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game in a sealed deck starter format, and it includes one booster pack for extra power.

In case you want to throw down this killer cardboard with a comrade, the final configuration is perfect for two. One Cyclops, one Cap. Avengers vs. X-Men. The ultimate showdown, the big battle box set.

So cool, and now available. Get some as soon as you can!

Electrify Your Hammer and Win Some Loot in the Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.


We just pulled that card from a pack of Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game. It is a loot card that can be redeemed inside the MMO on One lucky winner will get this card so they can scratch it off and enter the code. Yes, that’s right. We are giving this beauty away!

In order to win our Avengers Courage for yourself, all you need to do is tell us which card in the Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game is your favorite. You can add an explanation if you wish, but we just want to know what you like best in the game. You can send us your choice at or post your favorite in the thread on Comic Book Resources. We will choose a random winner on May 21st, so you have three weeks to tell us your favorite card for a chance to win.

Electrify the hammer and get cracking. Verily, yon Avengers Courage loot card could belong to you!