Electrify Your Hammer and Win Some Loot in the Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.


We just pulled that card from a pack of Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game. It is a loot card that can be redeemed inside the MMO on HeroUp.com. One lucky winner will get this card so they can scratch it off and enter the code. Yes, that’s right. We are giving this beauty away!

In order to win our Avengers Courage for yourself, all you need to do is tell us which card in the Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game is your favorite. You can add an explanation if you wish, but we just want to know what you like best in the game. You can send us your choice at squadcards@gmail.com or post your favorite in the thread on Comic Book Resources. We will choose a random winner on May 21st, so you have three weeks to tell us your favorite card for a chance to win.

Electrify the hammer and get cracking. Verily, yon Avengers Courage loot card could belong to you!


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  1. i have the third loot card. it gives you 50 winter globes that arent even in the shop yet.

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