Upper Deck Announces Official Organized Play for the Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.

Today we have an announcement that is blowing our minds and heating our brains to Supernova levels…

Upper Deck is bringing Organized Play to the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game. 20 comic book and gaming shops will be chosen to host an official Super Hero Squad Tech Tournament. Each store will be awarding its champions some seriously spectacular prizes: Super Hero Squad Playmats. Armored Spider-Man Loot Cards. And, for the grand champion…

A Playstation Vita.

If you would like to see one of these Super Hero Squad Tech Tournaments in your neck of the woods, contact your local shop and ask them to contact Upper Deck as soon as possible. The news is breaking all over the planet, and we are shooting for the stars.


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  1. Hey Stu, how does a store go about getting signed up for this? Might need to let the game guy at my local comic shop know about this. Thanks!

  2. James, I don’t know the details but I know your local shop needs to order the cards from Upper Deck to get one of the tournaments. Good luck!

  3. Tried to get my guy to do it, but he won’t until more people play. 😦

  4. None of my local stores are carrying shs…is there a store finder or something of that nature in place? I live in Anaheim, Ca

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