SquadCard Showdown Week Two.

That is this week’s prize, get your Blazing Intellect engaged and win it for yourself!

Every Wednesday we will announce the new prizes and update the list of SquadCard Showdown participants.

To become a registered player for the series, simply send your squad name from HeroUp.com to squadcards@gmail.com

Games can be played any time during the week.

You will have until Thursday night at midnight to play as many opponents from the list as you can and report your results in the comment section of this post or via email.

All matches will be played online at HeroUp.com.

Any legal deck may be used, and decks can be switched for each game if desired.

Each player can only play one match against each other player per week.

Each match is limited to a 7 game series; as soon as one player wins 4 games the match is over.

Incomplete matches will be accepted if circumstances warrant them.

Match wins, total number of wins against registered players, AND win percentage will be used to determine the weekly champion.

Prizes will be delivered via snail mail.

This week’s list of SquadCard Showdown players follows, and it will be updated frequently:

Mars Troll Clock

The Island Lancer

Astral Zephyr

Raiding Axe

Bright Breaking Ghost

Commander Cool Claw

Magma Ninja Merchant

Dazzling Bard Kraken

Invisible Martian Archer

Sergeant Fashionable Princess

Send your squad name to squadcards@gmail.com and get registered now. Then play as many players as you can until midnight Thursday. Send your results and see how you stack up. Most of all, have a blast!


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  1. I just won a great series of 7 games with The Island Lancer, final score – 4 wins for me, 2 wins for TIL.

    He won the first game soundly, I squeaked out a victory in the second, he won the third, and then I ran the last three games.

    Fantastic games!

  2. Hey! First week I get to play in this tourney, since I was out of town last week.

    The Island Lancer and I got in some games as well. I defeated him 4-1. All really solid games, and the win he did get was a particularly impressive one.

    Looking forward to seeing who comes along! (Also, if I accidentally reject a friend request, I get a lot in a day, so that’s just me not paying attention. I can be reached easily at the website attached to my name)

  3. All good games. Ghost thrashed me pretty soundly most games. Well done both of you.

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