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New Video of Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.

That is the view from the other side of the screen. The Amazing Mr. Puffin Rabbit captured one of our recent victories for posterity. What card did we use to finish the victory? Feast your eyes…


Crazy Combo Corner: Thor and Storm.

That little dude with the wings over his ears brings a big beautiful beatdown late in the game, especially when he joins his Thunderbolt with a particular Weather Witch.  It is a match made in heaven, for sure.

The power swells, the clouds get heavy, and people get zapped.  Last night my wife had two Wake of the Storm keepers in play on turn 10.  Thanks to her Masters of the Sky and a True Power, her Thunderbolt hit me for  13.  Then 20 more from the keepers.  33 damage in one turn… in real life.

Crazy combo, wonderful weather!

Little Wasp Packs A Big Punch.

Big stings do come in small packages in Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.  Wasp makes sure of it.  Every TCG has a “weenie” strategy that utilizes a swarm of small characters to flood the board and dominate the biggest opponents.  In this game, she is gorgeous.

One Week Left To Win Super Hero Squad Loot, These Are Some Of The Contestants.

There is one week left in the quest to win that Avengers Courage Loot Card for the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.  It is easy to enter the contest; simply tell us your favorite card.  Send your pick to or post your favorite in the thread on Comic Book Resources.

We will choose a random winner from all the entries on May 21st, but today we want to showcase some of the favorites that we have already received.  One of these could be the winner, get your choice entered today!

Thor Joins Storm and Finds True Power.

If you have seen the Avengers movie, you know how powerful Thor can be.  Charging up the hammer and bringing the big beats is his speciality.  In the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game, he teams up with Storm to join electrical charges with a weather witch.  Their strategy floods the board with pure power, and their aim is true.


Captain America Trading Cards are Featured in the Avengers Movie.

When Joss Whedon wrote the script for the Avengers movie, he gave a huge shout-out to our favorite hobby.  Yes, the Avengers movie features a thrilling spotlight on trading cards.  Captain America trading cards, to be exact.

Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game has some great examples of the hotness, and today we feature some of the finest examples.  After you see the Avengers movie, grab some of these and start the battle all over on your own kitchen table.  It’s a brave new world.

Super Hero Sundays at Phoenix Games Just In Time for The Avengers Movie!

This is it.  The first Organized Play tournaments for Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.  Starting this Sunday, May 6th.  Just in time to flip cardboard Avengers!

Phoenix Games
8929 West Colonial Dr.
Ocoee, Florida

(407) 578-4263

The movie is amazing.  It looks like it will smash all the box office records.  Pure Justice indeed.   After you see it, make sure you head over to and get your Squad on.  These Avengers are ready to rumble under your control, smashing villains in a whole new way and taking the Avengers myths in directions they would have never went without you.

See you there!

Playing Super Hero Squad For The First Time.


That’s our grandson Lee, playing his first trading card game. Marvel Super Hero Squad not only teaches the strategies of deckbuilding and attack priority, it also causes massive amounts of bliss.

Lee had drawn the cards he needed to set up the Blade deadly healing combo. His purple Keeper was still in place when he went all Knight Night. It was a beautiful thing.


I never imagined that life could be this much fun. Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Game is alive and available at just the right time in history. Teaching the next generation how to celebrate the mythos of the Marvel Universe by flipping cardboard on the kitchen table is my idea of the best entertainment ever.

It doesn’t get any better than this.


First Available Armored Spider-Man Card Spotted On eBay.

The screenshot you see above shows the first time an Armored Spider-Man had appeared on the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game at Now one is available for sale on eBay. It is the first one we have spotted, and the bidding starts at $600. Wow.

Enraged Impossible Artist Pulls Off the Daredevil Elektra Trick.

Imagine that Keeper sitting like a deadly enchantment on the board. Then a killer combination of this…

The brilliant online strategist who flung that massive damage was named Enraged Impossible Artist.  When you register on to begin playing, the system gives you a name.

This one will live forever in my memory.


Squad Cards Arising At Phoenix Games.

Yesterday was a big day in the history of the industry. For the first time in Florida, Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game was released from its shiny little packages and slung around tournament tables at Phoenix Games in Orlando. Thanks to Bill and the amazing store staff, we have a glorious gallery of photographs to document the occassion for future generations.

Enjoy the scene, and get ready for the full release on April 24th!


Phoenix Games
8929 West Colonial Dr.
Ocoee, Florida

(407) 578-4263

If you are itching to learn more about the game, you can dive in right now. There is a wealth of amazing reports already written from the online version by Gazillion and The Amazing Society. Head on over to the thread on Comic Book Resources created and maintained by the incredible daredeville. Stay tuned to for all the latest news and updates, the power is arising.

Squad Cards Unleashed.


Last night in Seattle, the inaugural packs of Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game were ripped open and their power was unleashed upon the world.  Special loot cards were discovered like diamonds in a mine, and the online game now includes pack-inserted exclusive items that have never been available before.  The thrill of victory was documented, and we have the first-ever SquadCards Champion.  He is the one, the only…

Astral Zephyr!!!


Cardboard Warriors of all ages converged upon the Card Kingdom battlefield, and the treasures were aplenty.  No one had ever opened a pack of these cards before.  Suprises of the highest caliber were in order.


Inside each wrapper is a code that can be redeemed for a free virtual pack at…


… and some of the loot cards are foil upgrades of fabulous fan favorites!


The Sneak Preview events have begun, and the excitement is infinite.  Eternal thanks to Astral Zephyr for the images from the first Marvel Super Hero Squad event of all time.  This weekend the game will be invading six more cities.  Keep your antenna up and stay tuned to this station.  Squad Cards have been unleashed!

Erase Your Destiny And Become A SquadCards Champion!

The Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game changes destinies.  When you drop this card on the table, nothing will ever be the same.  Starting tonight in Seattle.

Card Kingdom is the place.  Physical cards from Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Trading Card Game will be unleashed upon the world for the very first time.  A Champion will be crowned, and we will have coverage.  If you are in the area, or if you plan to play the game with your friends around the kitchen table, we need you.

You can be a reporter.  You can win prizes.  You can change your destiny.

Wherever you play, you can document the stories and results of your tournaments.  Official events and weekly testing sessions are equally important.  We want to hear from your group, no matter how big or how small.  Prizes will include SquadCards Champion tee-shirts, official game cards, memorabilia cards from the upcoming Avengers movie, and more.  Simply send your reports to: so we can share them with the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Community.  Add pics if you can.  Everyone who contributes will be a winner.

We will celebrate our new future… together.

The Savage She-Hulk Combo of The Tyrannical Mason.

That was the scene last night around midnight on inside the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.   I had the extreme pleasure of being matched against The Tyrannical Mason.  Not only is she an integral founder of the original tournament community, she has built the most insane She-Hulk Combo deck ever seen.  I got destroyed by a big green beautiful barrage of attacks never before witnessed.  It was amazing.

On the turn before her combo went off, Mason had strategically blocked with Double Slam Sandwich.  This assured that it would be the top card of her discard pile.  I can still hear the maniacal laughter as the coin flip raised the power to 5 for her Surprise Witness.  She played She-Hulk’s silver killer and it got two hits through.  Then she played the sandwich.

If I could not block this little green monster, the biggest beats in the game were coming my way.  Since she was on 5 power, Mason would have 8 full points to bludgeon me senselessly.  I didn’t have the block, and she had two options to finish me off.

Since I was running a purple-centric deck, the Strongest One There Is was saved to block with.  I got a Group Hug brought on by a Double Slam Sandwich introduced by a Surprise Witness… all on the same turn!!!  It was a beautiful thing.

Head on over to right now and start trying some combos of your own.   This party is getting really good.

Making Magic with the Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.


Along with the honor of revealing Dr. Strange’s Aura Drain as it appears in the Foundation base set, today we have news of the very first materialization of the Marvel Super Hero Squad Game in public.

The place is Card Kingdom in Seattle, Washington.

The time is 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

The date is Wednesday, April 18th.

Most magical of all? The price is free!

That’s correct. Each player will receive 4 free booster packs of the brand new game to build a deck and compete for the title of First Champion Ever before anyone else in the world. It’s like magic, in real life.

Contact Card Kingdom for details, and stay tuned to for more!

Card Kingdom
5105 Leary Avenue NW
Seattle, Washington
(206) 523-9605


Marvel Super Hero Squad Foundation Preview: She-Hulk


Today we are proud to launch a series of sneak previews for Upper Deck’s upcoming Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game. It fills us with extreme pleasure to start things off big, bouncy, and green. The sensational She-Hulk is our lead-off hitter and she is packing a powerful punch. Let’s examine her cards closely.

The ability above is simply amazing. Whatever strategy your opponent is running, She-Hulk can take it off the rails. She will expose their hand, and remove all the cards they were planning to beat you with. Case closed, good game. Cross Examination for the win.


You can start smacking your opponent for 8 damage on the first turn with She-Hulk’s Unbelievable Strength, but it will cost you. Unless your opponent has a green block to stop the hit immediately, you will lose one card from your hand as a drawback to the massive early beats. Usually the smaller hand size would be a liability, but Jennifer Walters always has a plan. Besides being the hottest heavy hitter in the Marvel myths, she is a lawyer.


Discarding cards from your own hand may seem self-destructive. She-Hulk doesn’t think so. When she gets her Back to the Wall, she punches even harder. An additional 2 damage from this Keeper with an empty hand makes all those discards pretty sweet.


Collecting cards with killer cool artwork of Marvel characters is big fun on its own, and playing them in a spectacularly balanced strategy game is extra delicious. Like a Double Slam Sandwich. She-Hulk really knows how to throw down the massive advantage in the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card game. This card not only allows you to play a second card per turn, it helps you pay for it. If you like big green beauty as much as we do, you won’t want to miss it. The game releases on April 24th, stay tuned for more.

Diving Into The Super Hero Squad Game.


The wait is almost over. Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad is about to explode onto the deckbuilding scene. Today we will dive into some of the most exciting cards from the online game, and then announce two of the featured regional game centers that will be holding pre-release tournaments on April 21st.

Take the Leap of Faith with us. The Marvel Universe is returning to the TCG scene with a boisterous belly laugh and a thrilling new game.


If you have the Eternal Thirst for collectible card games featuring the coolest myths on Earth, you will not be able to resist. Blade has the hunger. His theme allows strategy decks to be created with massive healing powers. When you add this card, he also drains the opponent in big gulps. Yum.


One of the major game mechanics in the Marvel Super Hero squad game rewards players who play with mulitple Keepers. The Big Bang brings its bonus by going solo. Explosive potential.


“She’s got game.” Indeed she does. In fact, with the Rebound of Ms. Marvel into the realm of trading card games, there is a fast break rolling down the court unlike any other we have ever seen. Our favorite super heroes and villains are getting the tongue in cheek treatment within the confines of a spectacularly balanced strategy game. The packs are ready to be shipped, and the community is abuzz with anticipation. Let the games begin!


The potential of the Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game is unlimited, much like the power level of Rogue’s new eyes. You will be able to enjoy the deep strategy and delicious luck factor on cardboard in less than three weeks. If you want to experience the ability to beatdown a deranged deck of Marvel characters before the rest of the world, you can attend a pre-release tournament on April 21st. You can learn the game on the spot, and be one of the first to dive into the game.

Today we are announcing the two exclusive regional events on the East coast. Tommorrow we will announce the locations for the rest of the country. Our playgroup from Miami will be traveling to Orlando in a quest to become one of the first Champions of the game, and we will be publishing tournament reports from all the regional events. We hope to see you there!


Location: Phoenix Games
8929 West Colonial Dr.
Ocoee, Florida

Event: Marvel Super Hero Squad Pre-release Tournament
Saturday April 21st, 2012
1:00 pm

Contact: (407) 578-4263




Location: Kings Games
1685 East 15 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11229

Event: Marvel Super Hero Squad Pre-release Tournament
Saturday April 21st, 2012
12:00 noon

Contact: (718) 336-1955



If you are itching to learn more about the game, you can dive in right now. There is a wealth of amazing reports already written from the online version by Gazillion and Amazing Society. Head on over to the thread on Comic Book Resources created and maintained by the incredible daredeville. Stay tuned to for all the latest news and updates, we will be diving in with everything we’ve got.

Are You Ready to Ragnarok?

Thor is a beast.  In the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game he straps on a guitar to Ragnarok and Roll.  He needs to be stopped by 2 blue blockers or he will hammer his opponent for 18.  Loud.

If you are itching to learn more about the game that will be released on cardboard by Upper Deck on April 24th, you can dive in right now.  There is a wealth of amazing reports already written from the online version by Gazillion and Amazing Society.  Head on over to the thread on Comic Book Resources created and maintained by the incredible daredeville.

It rocks.

Super Hero Squad Cards Transforming From Virtual To Physical.


On April 24th, you will be able to hold a killer deck of Squad Cards in your greedy little hands. Maybe you will be able to bust a Blind Date for the win, maybe not. Until then you can head over to and practice in virtual reality. In honor of our current state of limbo, we hereby present the first victory screenshot ever posted on

The Strange Cowgirl is our inaugural Screenshot Champion!


Jump on over to and set up an account if you don’t have one already. It’s totally free and a complete blast to play.

Make sure to stay tuned to for daily updates and in-depth articles, this party is getting good!

Big Green Beatdown.

If you make your case in court in the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game, the beats will be mighty big!

Pour It On from the Foundation Base Set.

The first physical version of the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game will arrive in the form of a base set called Foundation, and Pour It On is the first card we are revealing from that set. Nova is ready to blast a big hole in the opponent’s deck by accelerating your power level by 2, and allowing you to play an additional purple or silver card starting on the very first turn.

Strong stuff, right off the bat!