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Super Hero Squad Tech Tournaments Begin This Weekend.

It begins this weekend.  Official tournaments for the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.  We will be playing in Orlando at Phoenix Games on Sunday.  The champion walks away with a Playstation Vita.  Sounds like a plan.

Check your local shop and see if there is a location near you!

Phoenix Games
8929 West Colonial Dr.
Ocoee, Florida

(407) 578-4263


Diving Into The Super Hero Squad Game.


The wait is almost over. Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad is about to explode onto the deckbuilding scene. Today we will dive into some of the most exciting cards from the online game, and then announce two of the featured regional game centers that will be holding pre-release tournaments on April 21st.

Take the Leap of Faith with us. The Marvel Universe is returning to the TCG scene with a boisterous belly laugh and a thrilling new game.


If you have the Eternal Thirst for collectible card games featuring the coolest myths on Earth, you will not be able to resist. Blade has the hunger. His theme allows strategy decks to be created with massive healing powers. When you add this card, he also drains the opponent in big gulps. Yum.


One of the major game mechanics in the Marvel Super Hero squad game rewards players who play with mulitple Keepers. The Big Bang brings its bonus by going solo. Explosive potential.


“She’s got game.” Indeed she does. In fact, with the Rebound of Ms. Marvel into the realm of trading card games, there is a fast break rolling down the court unlike any other we have ever seen. Our favorite super heroes and villains are getting the tongue in cheek treatment within the confines of a spectacularly balanced strategy game. The packs are ready to be shipped, and the community is abuzz with anticipation. Let the games begin!


The potential of the Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game is unlimited, much like the power level of Rogue’s new eyes. You will be able to enjoy the deep strategy and delicious luck factor on cardboard in less than three weeks. If you want to experience the ability to beatdown a deranged deck of Marvel characters before the rest of the world, you can attend a pre-release tournament on April 21st. You can learn the game on the spot, and be one of the first to dive into the game.

Today we are announcing the two exclusive regional events on the East coast. Tommorrow we will announce the locations for the rest of the country. Our playgroup from Miami will be traveling to Orlando in a quest to become one of the first Champions of the game, and we will be publishing tournament reports from all the regional events. We hope to see you there!


Location: Phoenix Games
8929 West Colonial Dr.
Ocoee, Florida

Event: Marvel Super Hero Squad Pre-release Tournament
Saturday April 21st, 2012
1:00 pm

Contact: (407) 578-4263




Location: Kings Games
1685 East 15 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11229

Event: Marvel Super Hero Squad Pre-release Tournament
Saturday April 21st, 2012
12:00 noon

Contact: (718) 336-1955



If you are itching to learn more about the game, you can dive in right now. There is a wealth of amazing reports already written from the online version by Gazillion and Amazing Society. Head on over to the thread on Comic Book Resources created and maintained by the incredible daredeville. Stay tuned to for all the latest news and updates, we will be diving in with everything we’ve got.