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SquadCard Showdown Week Three.

This week’s prize is a Slice n’ Dice Furyfest!  Last week’s winner was The Island Lancer with a 7-8 record, jump on in and see if you can score yourself some hot Squad cardboard this time around.

Every Wednesday we will announce the new prizes and update the list of SquadCard Showdown participants.

To become a registered player for the series, simply send your squad name from to

Games can be played any time during the week.

You will have until Thursday night at midnight to play as many opponents from the list as you can and report your results in the comment section of this post or via email.

All matches will be played online at

Any legal deck may be used, and decks can be switched for each game if desired.

Each player can only play one match against each other player per week.

Each match is limited to a 7 game series; as soon as one player wins 4 games the match is over.

Incomplete matches will be accepted if circumstances warrant them.

Match wins, total number of wins against registered players, AND win percentage will be used to determine the weekly champion.

Prizes will be delivered via snail mail.

This week’s list of SquadCard Showdown players follows, and it will be updated frequently:

Mars Troll Clock

Defending Surefooted Shield

The Island Lancer

Astral Zephyr

Raiding Axe

Bright Breaking Ghost

Commander Cool Claw

Magma Ninja Merchant

Dazzling Bard Kraken

Invisible Martian Archer

Sergeant Fashionable Princess

Astral Tornado Mariner

Chaotic Acrobat

Count Autumn Snake

Commander Cosmos Squirrel

Send your squad name to and get registered now. Then play as many players as you can until midnight Thursday. Send your results and see how you stack up. Most of all, have a blast!


Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game Now Available At Target Stores.

Bullseye could not have hit it better himself.  Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game is now available at Target stores in Single Player Intro Packs and individual Booster Packs.  Every Target in the United States is scheduled to sell the game, so get out there and get yours!

First School Champion, Big News Breaking.

We have just finished an intensive schoolwide tournament in my Art classes, the first of its kind for Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.  Our inaugural champion is…


Since it is an Art class, his prize is rather fitting.  She-Hulk and Hulk, directly transformed into a famous masterpiece.  From Grant Wood’s American Gothic to one of the coolest pieces of cardboard in history.

Jade Giants FTW.

Believe me, these gamers are gonna get good after practicing all summer.  And, in breaking news, later today will see the announcement of the availability of Upper Deck’s Marvel Super Hero Squad at major retail venues.

Stay tuned to this station!

Upper Deck Announces Official Organized Play for the Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.

Today we have an announcement that is blowing our minds and heating our brains to Supernova levels…

Upper Deck is bringing Organized Play to the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game. 20 comic book and gaming shops will be chosen to host an official Super Hero Squad Tech Tournament. Each store will be awarding its champions some seriously spectacular prizes: Super Hero Squad Playmats. Armored Spider-Man Loot Cards. And, for the grand champion…

A Playstation Vita.

If you would like to see one of these Super Hero Squad Tech Tournaments in your neck of the woods, contact your local shop and ask them to contact Upper Deck as soon as possible. The news is breaking all over the planet, and we are shooting for the stars.

First Armored Spider-Man Unlocked!

That is Astral Zephyr, the first player in the world to unlock the Armored Spider-Man in the Super Hero Squad Online game.  The code he needed to beat everyone to the punch was found on a card pulled out of a pack in Redmond, Washington during last night’s Sneak Preview tournament at Uncle’s Games.  You are looking at history.

The screenshot was taken by our newest SquadCard Champion, Venusian Iguana Hat!  And the card was not actually ripped from the pack by Astral Zephyr…

Grey Enchantress Spirit actually pulled the card, but Astral Zephyr has the best kids ever and he got to pilot the Armored Spider-Man before anyone else in the world.  He is now a Super Hero Squad superstar.

Kings Games Crowns New SquadCard Champions!

For a while now, the prizes have been plentiful at for players in the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game.  Now things are getting real, in real life.

Those are actual physical cards that were busted out of their containers by Kirby Monster.  Inside each starter deck is a shiny suprise, and the Hulk foil card was captured in motion by the brilliant madman known as daredeville.

Not only do we have those glorious holographic beauties to enhance our favorite game thanks to Upper Deck, we also have a slew of cards that have never appeared online.  We will leave you with three new strategy nuggets that were revealed this weekend at Kings Games in New York.  Congratulations to daredeville and Kirby Monster, our new SquadCard Champions!


Kings Games
1685 East 15 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11229

(718) 336-1955